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Hello! Thank you for visiting my blog! My name is Natalia. I live in Moscow, Russia.


Although I am already an adult, I love dolls, I love to decorate them, take their pictures, create sketches and stories. So I define myself as a “playing doll-collector.”

The world of dolls always interested me. In my childhood I had a lot of dolls and I always happy to buy dolls (and continue to buy) for my daughters, but didn’t  think that once dolls would be my hobby. I started collecting in summer 2010. Most of my dolls are dolls-children or teenagers, but there are quite a few adult women – “fashion-dolls”.

In summer 2010 I registered on the DollPlanet under the nickname “Rosen Maiden” and so accustomed to it (not just me, probably) that the “name” of this blog was chosen as a matter of course. Why is such a nickname? It’s pretty simple. The fact that I love anime and my nickname comes from the animated TV series “RozEN Maiden “(As you can see, the difference is in one letter). I changed the letter because Rozen is a Master who creates magical living dolls. I’m not a wizard  . By changing this letter I’ve got a name, associated with roses (which, incidentally, is also quite in the spirit of this anime – there are many roses in it).



Through the doll-collecting I gradually began to involve into “additional” hobbies.  I began to learn how to sew because I wanted to dress my dolls. In April 2010 I bought my first sewing machine!  Earlier only a thought about sewing horrified me. I know how to knit since childhood, but didn’t sew. I was always sure that it was not mine. But I decided to make new clothes for my dolls! I’ve never sewn for my children, but began sewing for the dolls! At first I suffered terribly, did not know how to insert a thread, any simple action threw me into confusion. The seams were curve-oblique, thread somehow broke off … Then I was able to make a couple of pretty nice doll dresses and, oh, it’s a miracle, I liked sewing!


Then I liked to photograph, later became interested in decoupage. And all of this just for my dolls! They also inspired me to open this blog.

 Now you can find me on Ebay. My Ebay ID: rmdollfashion


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  1. Debbie says:

    I love the first doll at the top of this page….. with the curly dark hair. Could you tell me the name of the artist and name of this doll? Thanks

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